About Us

I am Petra, your hostess, piacere (nice to meet you)

I love this part of Italy, the pristine, the nature, the people, the delicious food and not to be forgottenthe many fine wines.
After living here for two years, I honestly can say I never want to leave. Despite that my husband Hugo lives and works in the Netherlands and missing him is not always easy.
Luckily I have 24/7 attention from our labrador Bo, a sweet, cozy and present dog. We can enjoy ourselves here during the most fantastic walks in the mountains. And in the weekends and holidays we enjoy it with the three of us.

By my girlfriend Silvia from Casa Bonta www.casabonta.com, I came in contact with Emilio Rapetti, owner of Valcrosa. A man who cares with so much love and attention for his estate, in a beautiful natural way. B & B Valcrosa, ready to be enjoyed, welcomes people to this estate. Guests that I want to show, feel and taste life in the Piedmont.

Valcrosa offers you peace, space, simplicity and pure enjoyment.

See you in the Piedmont!

I am Hugo, your part-time host.

I live and work in the Netherlands. In the weekends, holidays and when I work “at home” I am here, in the Piedmont. I find peace and inspiration here. I also want to give this feeling to the teams that I work with in the Netherlands. Take a look at ” B & B Valcrosa Business “!

For more than 11 years we have come to this region, the Piedmont. We fell in love slowly. The dream arose; we want to grow old. Getting old? Why not lay a foundation now and be there as much as possible? So we have found a crazy “mode” to make this happen. The story of B & B Valcrosa is a good example; if you dare to take steps, unexpected doors open.

We have four fantastic children, all with their own careers. And then our two grandsons. Whether we miss it, of course, but also for this, if we are together at our place, then that is true “quality time”. Yet different from a volatile coffee on Sunday.