Innovation accelerator

In the Netherlands I mainly work with teams, management teams, internal startup-like teams. Always working on new ways of working, thinking and acting differently. Lean innovation, Design Thinking, Lean start-up, Agile teamwork as a basis for creating new products or services, business and organizational models. Helping to become agile companies and organizations, in this fast changing world. Tools, techniques and methodologies can be learned, trained. That is different with team and personality dynamics. In practice you notice that teams that have time, focus, are really successful!

In B & B Valcrosa I organize so-called “Ignition weeks”. We will work in an intensive week for concrete tangible results. Depending on the issue, the right “expertise” is available. Professionals who bring the team to a higher level in one week. The combination of working hard, but also relaxing together in a completely different environment, creates teams that can handle everything!

Interested? Contact me and we give you “experience for life” form and content.
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