Over Valcrosa

If you come in to B & B Valcrosa, you can relax on the couch or sit at the reading table. Take a book or magazine out of the closet, look out the window at the view and relax.
In the dining room of the little monastery, breakfast is served every morning, which I take care of for you.
Do you feel like cooking in the evening yourself or together? Then dive into our kitchen. The wines from POGGIO and the local vintners are ready to be opened, and you do not have to leave them for the price.
There is a dishwasher in the spacious kitchen. Make sure you are at home and take a nice cup of coffee after cleaning up, to enjoy the day.
In the bedrooms it is wonderful to relax, for the guests who prefer to sleep in a dark room, the shutters can be closed. You understand that the shutters can remain open for those who want to see the light.
There are screens for all doors and windows, so you do not have to expect unexpected visitors.

Nothing has to be done, much is possible …

I’ll be happy to help you, and if there are any questions, ask them!


The history of Valcrosa dates back to the eleventh / twelfth century. We know that at that time a group of monks settled in this place.
They chose Valcrosa for two main reasons:

  • The weather; not too hot in the summers and not below freezing in the winter.
  • Availability of sufficient clean water.

    By using what nature offered them, the community grew to 50 families. They also produced bricks and tiles, among other things. Remains of this are still visible. There were two wood ovens, one in the kitchen of the monks and one outside, for shared use by the residents. The oven of the monks is now part of the dining room of B & B Valcrosa.
    After this period until about the 19th century, little is known about Valcrosa. What we do know is that a clear-cut has taken place, almost all oak trees have been cut down in the area. All of this for the production of sleepers for the railway lines.

In 1929 family of the current owner Emilio, a piece of land and the building in which the former monastery is located, was bought. This is now B & B Valcrosa. Emilio’s grandfather bought another 11 hectares of land and the house on the hill. The outside oven was restored by the father of Emilio and is still in use.

From the 1970s, Valcrosa has been uninhabited for 25 years and slowly fell into disrepair. Since 2003 Emilio has, in a number of years, purchased almost all 70 hectares of land and all buildings. He became the owner of the entire Valcrosa hill.

From 2005 onwards the restoration of the buildings and the restoration of the Valcrosa landscape began. Hereby the principles of her first inhabitants, the monks, are used. Use the biological system, just like before. Taking into account the well-being of everything …… .. With respect for nature, animals, people and LIFE.